The scores are in ...

The scores are in ...

Posted by on 15 January 2024 | Comments

 On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend CSP ?............The survey says 9.


As a consumer, we’ve all probably encountered this sort of question dozens of times—after an online purchase, at the end of a customer service interaction, or even as a valued client of CSP. The famous Net promoter Score (NPS)

At CSP we’re  passionate about our exceeding our clients expectations and after a re-energized focus in 2023 to harvest as many NPS results as possible we’re delighted to have received >100 completed surveys, with an average score of just over 9.

Many of the surveys have provided us with some fantastic feedback, that we can both celebrate, but will also help us plan to deliver even better in 2024.

We’re delighted to share a few examples of the lovely verbatim from our clients at some of the UKs biggest, best and highest profile stadia’s, entertainment and exhibition venues and major events –

“Consistently deliver a high quality of service, always go above and beyond whenever needed”

“Friendly staff, professional outfit. Takes the worry out of getting people safely into the event.”

“Excellent engagement, friendly staff, professional outlook”

“Always reliable, attentive and cooperative in the lead up to any event, as well as the delivery on the day. A trustworthy TM company where we can't afford to have any mistakes.”

“Fantastic service from the planning to the implementation have only praise to give”

“Highly professional, flexible service. Staff well trained and managed during the event.”

“Brilliant staff, always helpful and knowledgeable, keen and eager to help!”

“Corporate culture and shared values make the business relationship work really well. Direct and honest communications, backed with a shared desire to deliver really good results.”

“Professional, knowledgeable and understand the event industry”

“The staff that we liaise with in advance and those that then attend the events are incredibly helpful, friendly and professional and the service we have had from CSP over the years has been brilliant.”

“CSP has always been extremely helpful and professional.”

“Managed the team really well under difficult circumstances.”

“CSP manage a complex operation well”

“CSP are a professional contentious service partner that strive to offer the highest levels of service to their clients. They truly value our custom and on top of it all are a lovely group of people to work with”

“Really nice team to work with. Very accommodating to changes during the planning and very smooth delivery on the event day”

“I would recommend CSP to other companies to work with as they are professional and help manage a safe event, sharing best practice regarding crowd movements”

“Good working relationship - supportive and collaborative Knowledgeable around TM and car parking - provide regular team”

“Whenever i contact CSP for quotes and availability they always respond without delay. They often provide resource at very short notice.”

“Professional company who are experts in their field”

“You’re good at what you do. Always go the extra mile for me and the venue and encourage you’re team to be part of our team”

“I have worked with CSP for many years now and have always found them to be reliable and a good partner to work with.”

“I have worked with CSP on several events and for a few years - they are exceptional and their staff are very committed and collaborative”

“Knowledgeable managers, efficient operations, committed to getting the job done, even in difficult circumstances and all weathers!”

“Very professional, great documentation including finances reports. Day to Day management fantastic”

“Excellent service provided by the project managers and team”

“Always a pleasure working with CSP, their ability to help and go above and beyond makes it a pleasure to work with CSP”

“I have used CSP for several years at various locations, and found them trustworthy and reliable, providing a professional service for our requirements”