Gender Pay

Ensuring we are inclusive and having a diverse workforce is vital to our success. Consistent research shows that diverse businesses perform better – through innovation, better decision making, and attracting and keeping great people, meaning they’re likely to be more financially successful and able to capture new business.

All UK organisations with over 250 employees are now required to share details of their Gender Pay and Bonus Gaps; the percentage of men and women receiving a bonus; and the proportions of men and women in each pay quartile of our workforce. 

While it’s positive that our gender pay gap is lower than the UK average (and we fare well against our competitors too), the issues at play are complicated, and we believe it’s much more important to focus on taking meaningful action to drive equality and inclusivity rather than simply the numbers themselves. That’s why, as part of our plans, we take action to close any gaps.

That said, we know there is more we can do. We will continue to annually publish our Gender Pay figures and report against our goals. Most importantly, we actively encourage our colleagues’ ideas and contribution on how we can foster diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of the business. Please click here for or our latest Gender Pay Gap Report.