A quiet, but very busy Easter weekend...

A quiet, but very busy Easter weekend...

Posted by on 12 April 2021 | Comments

Whilst we cant wait for crowds to return and get back to business as normal, it was interesting to reflect back over the Easter weekend and compare it to the same weekend before COVID in 2019. Surprisingly, we actually put out more shifts this year than we did in 2019. Strange times indeed.

Whilst numbers are greater, we have seen them spread out a lot more than the previous fully managed events, mainly due to COVID19, and so find a much larger number of small groups operating at waste sites, testing and vaccination sites and bank holiday weekend controls in public spaces, as well as those events still taking place behind closed doors.

A big thank you to our valued frontline teams who consistently turn out in all conditions and occasionally to more remote sites than they may have previously, our Resourcing team who make it happen and our Clients and Partners who allow our business to continue.
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