Swing low, sweet chariot......

Swing low, sweet chariot......

Posted by on 14 March 2023 | Comments

CSP have been operating at Twickenham Stadium on behalf of the RFU since 2003 with our first car park operation coinciding with Twickenham's first concert: The Rolling Stones in 2003. Roll on 20 years and it's not just the car parks we are entrusted with but the full traffic management and external stewarding operation covering the visitor route from Twickenham High Street and Station all the way down to the Stadium. We are pleased to have been re-appointed with a new term contract, testament to the value in which we hold this client.

One of the most important elements now revolves around the Twickenham Station arrival down to the Stadium and the management of the A316 to keep traffic flowing but also protect the crowds making their way to the Stadium. Whilst many visitors are regulars, there are always new inductees to a day at Twickenham, and our team strive to provide the welcome that meets visitors expectations: providing directions, holding and releasing queues and traffic and also helping with general arrival information.

A venue we hope to continue to partner with for may years to come.

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