Going Green...

Going Green...

Posted by on 19 November 2021 | Comments

We have been conscious of our social responsibilities here at CSP for some time now. Numerous initiatives were installed following reviews of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental and Sustainability Policies back in 2015. These included, but were not limited to: 

  • Moving from paper forms and records to electronic including booking procedures, contracts, on-line training and inductions, handbooks, event reporting and de-briefing
  • Default printing to black and white
  • Where we are responsible for waste management, only working with waste companies that operate a zero-landfill policy
  • Ensuring we maximise recycling opportunities at Abloy House, Croxley Park including separate cardboard, glass, printer cartridge and battery recycling
  • Use of only recyclable paper cups at Abloy Hous
  • Sleep timer default options on printers/photocopiers/laptops/PC’s
  • Temperature/Climate control settings in line with ESOS recommendations
  • Movement sensor lighting at Abloy House
  • Full LED Lighting conversion at Abloy House
  • Free local bus travel when visiting Abloy House
  • Cycle to Work Scheme offered to all staff
  • Hybrid/Electric vehicles as first consideration on any fleet replacement
  • Use of our minibuses on larger events to reduce individual travel
  • Use of Our Earth paper, which is produced in the EU by UPM, from forests specifically grown for this purpose using low carbon biomass power

We even hold a Green Solutions deposit account operating within a sustainable finance framework.

We review our ESOS findings and aim to get to a Net Zero Carbon position by offsetting our footprint. The majority of our footprint (over 90%) is generated through vehicle usage. Whilst we are aiming for a full ULEZ compliant main fleet and consider electric/hybrid vehicles as a first consideration, we also recognise that the nature of our work means we will still generate a carbon footprint.

We are proud to have joined up to the Carbon Club powered by Forest Carbon to get us to. Net Zero Carbon. Over the coming 12 months we will be off-setting 148 tonnes of CO2 by the planting of 592 trees. We will review this figure annually to continue to reduce our footprint. Working towards a better and cleaner world.

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