The World Cup comes to Croxley

The World Cup comes to Croxley

Posted by on 9 December 2022 | Comments

To encourage engagement during the World Cup this year, our Head of HR, Tim Surch, devised (what we all thought look complicated but he made look easy) a competition based on each match score for the qualifying rounds.  We had some great engagement but what became even more entertaining during these rounds was Tim's amusing summaries each night after 9.30pm, with a blog around movements in the table following scores that very few could have anticipated (Cameroon beating Brazil, Japan beating Spain, Belgium's losses, Tunisia beating France, South Korea beating Portugal, Germany out) that all of us competing looked forward to.

In the final table, Adem Altindal (pictured) took the main prize of Champagne and vouchers, with Perry Price and Will Kingsley-Smith in 2nd and 3rd receiving vouchers. The wooden spoon went to Simon Freedman just going to prove, you can keep a good man down. 

Thank you Tim for this piece of entertainment and some great World Cup games.

Adem Altindal World Cup Group Stages Winner