London 2012 Road Cycle Races

During the London Olympics in 2012, three race days took place on the roads through London and Surrey across 260 km of ‘race-track’ for the cycling road races.

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Service summary

To help manage these popular events, CSP provided 300 fully trained stewards with a combination of traffic management and crowd safety skills, to operate simultaneously across a busy, extensive geographical area. Through careful planning and logistical management our professional team courteously controlled widespread traffic and spectators safely and successfully throughout the event.

CSP had two key roles:-

  • To implement and maintain road closures controlling access to and from the field of play for labelled vehicles.


  • To manage the crowd safely and restrict all field of play intrusions by pedestrians, keeping a safe environment for the crowd and field of play users.


We established an operational management structure of zonal managers and supervisors to liaise with the Race Control at ‘Polestra’ in London via radio communication, and with the Limelight Sports Race Control Sector Managers based at each location to implement the operation.

Our safety stewards lined the route to manage the spectating crowds, with particularly heavier concentrations of team members in areas where there was less crowd barrier control. Through positive communication with the crowd, all spectator groups were kept at a safe distance from the field of play without impeding on their viewing of the event.

Professional training and development of our team is central to CSP’s operational success. At the London 2012 Road Cycle Races all our traffic management staff held either Chapter 8 certification in relation to the Street Works Act and/or CSAS accreditation (Community Safety Accreditation Scheme). CSAS gives selected trained and certified personnel powers from the Police for controlling and directing traffic on the public highways. Our crowd safety stewards all hold NVQ level 2 stewarding certifications and supporting them at this event were our security response teams who have the SIA Door Supervisor License.