Twickenham Stadium

Seating an impressive 82,000 spectators, Twickenham is the largest dedicated rugby union venue in the world. Home to English Rugby, this National Stadium is held in high regards and offers excellent access by road, air, train and foot. It is a versatile venue and in addition of the Club, National and International sporting events, it also opened its doors to some of the finest musical talents such as the U2, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, The Police, Genesis, Eminem and Lady Gaga.

CSP has been providing services to Twickenham Stadium since 2004. Initially providing Car Park management solely, the role has extended over time, now managing the full arrival and departure of all visitors between the stadium and the local transport nodes, through the use of both Crowd Safety and Road Closure Stewards, and in 2018 CSP trialled the ATG HVM Surface Guard system in the Cardinal Vaughan Car Park, protecting the access to the West Car Park and Stadium.

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Service summary

With International events held at Twickenham Stadium throughout the year, capacity crowds of 80,000 plus are commonplace. CSP plays a vital role in the safe arrival and departure of visitors to the stadium on every major event, and therefore provides a significant contribution to the pre event planning and operational refinement. The successful delivery of each operation is a result of continues improvements by each contributing service which is reviewed before each fixture, dependent on changing capacities, profiles and inclement weather.

The aim of each operation is for both crowd control and traffic operations to work in unison in balancing the needs and flows of both thoroughfare traffic and venue traffic using conflicting road network routes, whilst maximising the car park spaces. As an active leader within the Police accredited “Community Safety Accreditation Scheme” (CSAS), CSP now uses its highly trained marshals to manage and oversee the full management of pedestrians within the Twickenham footprint, and plays a valuable role in the safety and experience of visitors to this iconic venue.

For each fixture, additional staff are supplied in reserve by CSP in order to provide a contingency for staff absence, and to provide additional relief cover for staff breaks. These staff are trained in a variety of disciplines, and provide the Twickenham operation control with a flexible resource if required for the operation.