Spotlight 2019

Spotlight 2019

Posted by on 11 April 2019 | Comments

For a long time now we have believed in recognising and rewarding our Frontline team. Quite a few years ago now, we introduced the CSP Golden Ticket Scheme with immediate recognition from both clients and peers to those going above and beyond. It is quite amazing to see how many companies operate Golden Ticket schemes today.

However, when we introduced our revised Values (Caring Safe Professional) in 2016, we felt it was time to start to review our recognition scheme and align it to Our Values, and so Spotlight was launched in 2018. Through this scheme, Frontline staff would receive a nomination whenever they demonstrated exceptional performance aligned to Our Values, with a monthly prize for each month's winner topping the monthly league table for Caring, Safe and Professional, with an additional league for those receiving nominations across the 3 values: a Values Champion. There were also year end prizes for the Total Year League table as well as the winners being invited to the annual CSP Awards Presentations and Dinner.

As with most schemes, you constantly review and refine so following the feedback from our front-line workforce, we are making changes to the way we reward through our Spotlight Award Scheme. With effect from 1 April 2019, you will see:

•  Lots more nominations - 5  more to be precise - all managers will nominate at least 7 times per month. This will give Frontline staff a better chance of winning an award!

•   Personalised acknowledgement of nominations each month; because even those who don't win the monthly award, deserve recognition!

•   Candidates on 'The difference is you..' programme will no longer be able to be nominated themselves but will instead be given the autonomy to nominate other staff

•    A new 'Rising Star' category is being introduced - to recognise those that leave a positive, lasting impression on our operation! - this may be due to a client nomination for example.

•    Our 'Values Champion' award will now be announced quarterly, and will only be eligible to those who have been nominated at least once under all of the Values; Caring, Safe, Professional

Make sure you keep an eye on the League Table and announcements via our Facebook page and website.

Onwards and upwards!